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Kutol has formulated a special line of NSF registered E-rated hand cleaners to help wash away and kill common food-related germs that can cause food-borne illnesses. Available in liquid and foam, our Health Guard E2 Sanitizing Hand Soaps were specifically designed for the meat and poultry industries.  These E2-rated products clean and sanitize hands in a single step and are ideal for all Food Processing, Preparation and Handling environments.

Kutol also manufactures a wide selection of Health Guard E1 Hand Washes that are great for Food Processing, Preparation and Handling areas.  In addition, Health Guard offers many NSF registered E3-rated alcohol and quat-based hand sanitizers that were developed to be used in combination with E1 Hand Washes in food areas or without water in non-food areas. Finally, our NSF registered E4-rated Health Guard Foaming Advanced Antibacterial Hand Soap contains Benzalkonium Chloride, a proven antibacterial agent that is designed for non-food areas like restrooms and locker rooms.

For employee and patron use, Health Guard is your single source for hand cleaning and sanitizing needs in food service and food processing.   Our NSF registered products help meet USDA and US guidelines for federally inspected food processing facilities and are designed to enhance your HACCP programs.

Kutol created a Health Guard Food Safety Hand Hygiene Program to help educate restaurant and food handling personnel on the proper E-rated products to use throughout a restaurant or food related facility.  Click on the link below to download our free brochure.  It can also be found under Tools & Resources / Product Literature.

Health Guard Food Safety Hand Hygiene Program

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Did you know?

Health Guard offers many NSF registered E-rated hand cleaning solutions for restaurants and food processing, preparation and handling facilities.

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