Kutol and the Heath Guard

Kutol and the Heath Guard brand of soaps and hand sanitizers continue to bring their thought leadership to the marketplace. Health Guard is an emerging world class brand, and along with come their cutting edge hand hygiene products. As a distributor we have a one-stop shop for hand care: institutional hand soap, health care hand soap, Kutol Pro industrial hand cleaners and protectants, hand sanitizers, and innovative dispensing options. Their hand and industrial wipers are grade products providing class-leading performance.

Even through the pandemic, Kutol and their Health Guard products were available and with short lead times as compared to competing offerings that suffered from prolonged outages. We are grateful to have Kutol as a partner throughout the pandemic as they ensured we could keep our supply to our customers with hand soap and hand sanitizer. We are fortunate to be one of their few exclusive supplier partners in our territory.


About Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Kutol Products –a leading manufacturer of hand soaps, sanitizers, and dispensing systems for commercial use. In this role, Sean plans digital marketing campaigns, sets up marketing automation, creates and publishes written and visual content to support marketing initiatives, and optimizes and creates marketing strategies to improve performance. Sean comes with experience from the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati as well as marketing internships focused within the digital space. Prior to joining Kutol, he worked with small businesses assisting with their marketing strategies.