Kutol’s expertise lies in private branding hand soaps, hand sanitizers and specialty skin care products for our customers – tailoring solutions to meet their hand hygiene needs. Automatic dispensers and manual dispensers are also available for private branding. Low minimum order requirements make it easy and cost effective to private brand with Kutol. We are the trusted hand care partner of OEM and private label customers.

Custom soap manufacturing is an option for more tailored hand care programs. Our in-house research and development team has the ability to develop, manage and improve custom formulas.



At Kutol, we understand how important it is to get your products to the market quickly. We provide a competitive advantage with our full-service, in-house product development and manufacturing capabilities. Our flexible approach allows you to private label your products any way desired.



Kutol is an FDA registered facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All of our products are produced in the USA in our 190,000 square foot LEED® Silver certified facility. We have the ability to process batches ranging from 300 to 4,000 gallons, packaging configurations from 2 ounces to full tanker, tube filling capability as well as labeling and silk screen printing.



Every Kutol TeamMate is responsible for the quality of our products or service they produce. By teaching and following standardized work processes that have been developed under cGMP, we ensure customer and regulatory requirements are consistently met. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement to be competitive and deliver value to our customers.



All of our procedures are in full compliance with FDA regulations. New product formulations and packaging are approved only after passing testing using in-house, USP or customer provided methods. Computer aided manufacturing and monitoring ensures that we meet all quality standards that are set.



Our experienced sales and marketing team is available to provide recommendations for product and dispensing solutions then assist with package and label design. A dedicated sales contact, as well as friendly and knowledgeable customer service TeamMates, provides the personal service you deserve.



What better way to promote your company than to have your brand and product name on your packaging? With our private label & contract manufacturing offering, we’ll produce professional packaging with your brand and product name – filled with our high-quality hand care products or yours. It’s a great way to build brand recognition for your company.

For more information on our private branding, private label and contract manufacturing capabilities, contact your Kutol representative, call customer service at (800) 543-4641 or email sales@kutol.com.