Kutol Launches New Health Guard Line

Kutol Launches New HEALTH GUARD® Skin Care Line

Kutol Products Company re-launches its non-industrial skin care products under one brand name — Health Guard® by Kutol. This transition affects all of Kutol’s general purpose hand soaps, antibacterial hand soaps, alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitizers, hair & body washes and specialty skin care products under its complete line of wall mount, counter mount and portable dispensing options.

Same Great Products
Previously, Kutol’s products were distributed under several different brand names such as EZFOAM®, EZLIQUID® and KUTOL®, depending on the dispensing system. Now, whether you pump it, pour it or dispense it, the branding and product names are consistent across the entire portfolio. Because there are no changes to the actual products or formulations, all item numbers, case packs, product descriptions and specs remain the same.

New Packaging & Color Coordination
Eye-catching graphics provide a contemporary look and feel to the Health Guard line. The new logo, along with uniform fonts and design elements, provides visual branding consistency across packaging labels. In most cases, the color of the label is coordinated with the actual color of the product. Plus, all dispenser identifiers, such as labels and window cards, continue the graphic consistency. All of these design elements make it easier to identify products, particularly when refilling dispensers and visually checking inventory.

One Name, One Positioning
The new Health Guard name and logo convey the importance of washing and sanitizing hands to help guard against germs and maintain good health. “Kutol has always been known for manufacturing excellence and providing an array of products which emphasize the importance of proper hand hygiene,” points out Dan Renner, director of marketing at Kutol Products Company. “With Health Guard, we are simplifying the business with a great name that promotes ‘Clean and Healthy Hands!’ ” Whether you are maintaining an office building, school or university, food handling facility, healthcare location or other public venue, there is a Health Guard solution to fit your need and budget.