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A chemical substance (such as hydroxide) that reacts with and neutralizes an acid.

A white, crystalline, mildly alkaline water soluble salt.

An ingredient for soothing the skin or for making the skin soft.

An ingredient for keeping moisture in the skin.

The process of converting a fat into a soap by treating it with an alkali.

The product formed by the saponification or neutralization of fats.

A paste, gel or lotion that does not require rinsing.

Yes! Our EZ FOAM dispensing system is a 1000mL bag-in-a-cabinet system. It fits both EZ Foam soaps and EZ Liquid soaps. EZ Foam Counter Mount is our 1000mL counter mounted system with the unique refill. It refills from ABOVE the counter. Foaming soaps are also available in our disposable Clean Shape line, and the Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is available in a 1.7 ounce hand-held pump bottle.

Yes. We have gallons, boxless bag and foaming products that are dye & fragrance free.

Most of our dispensers output between .8 mL and 1.5 mL per push. If you only push once with a .8 mL output and you use our 1000 mL refill, then the answer would be 1,250 hand washes. Most people will push the dispenser several times. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many hand washes you get per refill or container.

Many of our products have universal attachments that will fit competitive dispensers. Contact us for more detailed information.

Kutol manufactures several proprietary soap dispensing systems. Only products manufactured by Kutol will refill these dispensers.

Yes, we offer E2 soaps in bag-in-box, rigid cartridge, DuraView, EZ Foam, flat top or pour top gallons, as well as a 55 gallon drum.

It means that the product has undergone a rigorous environmental review to ensure that the product performs as good or better than a conventional product and is biodegradable, non-toxic, meets the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) limit of 1% or less by weight and that no carcinogenic ingredients have been intentionally added.

In the hand soap industry, all these terms are used interchangeably.

An OTC drug product, such as an antimicrobial soap, has an active ingredient. An active ingredient is an ingredient that is intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease to effect the structure of a body, either human or animal.

OTC stands for Over The Counter. Over The Counter drug products, such as antimicrobial soaps, are produced in compliance with a monograph.

Instead of using alcohol, which can be harsh on skin and flammable, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer uses a different active ingredient to kill germs. Health Guard Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer uses Benzalkonium Chloride as an active ingredient. Click here to read more about alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizers.

A monograph is a government publication that delineates the OTC product type, required name, allowable active ingredients, allowable claims, testing, and other required labeling and manufacturing data.

The term medicated indicates that an active ingredient is present.

Efficacy refers to how well a product works, usually associated with antimicrobial killing power.

Log kill is a microbiologist’s way of expressing killing power. One log is 90% kill, two logs are 99% kill, three logs are 99.9% kill and so on (each log represents an additional 9).

cGMP stands for current Good Manufacturing Practices. A manufacturing facility that adheres to the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations Part 21 that is registered with the Food and Drug Administration is said to be a cGMP facility.

Antimicrobial products and other OTC drug products are required by law to carry that warning. Children should be supervised when using any chemical product.

Kutol uses a network of janitorial and paper distributors across the country. If you order less than truckload quantities, you must order from these distributors. To find a sales rep or distributor in your area, please use the FIND A REP tool.

Yes. All Kutol products can be private labeled. Click here to read more about our private label capabilities or contact us for details (800-543-4641).

Kutol specializes in the contract manufacturing process to create your over the counter (OTC) or cosmetic skin care products. Read more about our capabilities here.

Orders are prepaid when 2,000 or more pounds of soap/sanitizer weight are ordered. This does not include the weight of dispensers and accessories.

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