Your customers, employees and visitors will be in good hands when using Kutol products in your facility. We are the trusted hand care partner for the hospitality and leisure industry including parks, stadiums, arenas, hotels, casinos, cruise lines and other entertainment facilities.

With a wide range of products to choose from including hand soaps, washes and hand sanitizers, we can fulfill your end-customers’ hand care needs.

Choose one of Kutol’s many soap and sanitizer dispensing systems – each designed to meet the highest standards for attractiveness, ease-of-use and durability. In areas where a high-end look is especially important, our chrome finish Designer Series and counter mount dispensers are great options.

For general purpose hand cleaning, our Health Guard line is your single source solution. Options include liquid and foam hand soaps in a variety of colors and fragrances. Our luxury soaps are ideal for a more sophisticated user experience. We also offer a full-line of hand sanitizers, including alcohol and non-alcohol formulas.

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Hand hygiene stations can easily be set up and then moved if needed with a floor or countertop dispenser stand. Bundle it with our Health Guard Hand Sanitizer and you’re ready to go!