Have product on hand when you need it with bulk gallons of Health Guard® and Kutol® Pro soaps, sanitizers and specialty skin care products. Convenient and easy to use, gallons are available in pump, pour and flat top options.

Kutol offers a wide variety of bulk gallon dispensers, as well as accessories including economical pumps and wall brackets.

  • Available in pour top, flat top and pump gallons with a variety of dispenser and accessory options
  • General purpose lotion soaps, antibacterial hand soaps, hand sanitizers, hair & body shampoos, heavy-duty industrial hand cleaners and other specialty products available
  • Most formulas can be supplied in 55-gallon drums and other customer-specified packages


Kutol® Pro heavy duty industrial products are available in flat top and pump gallons. These soaps and cleaners are ideal for manufacturing applications to remove grease, paint, oil, tar and other hard-to-clean soils. When portability and convenience are important, our pump gallons are the best choice.