Kutol offers a wide selection of automatic and manual wall mount dispensing systems. Made for our Health Guard and Kutol Pro soap and sanitizer products, no touch as well as push-pad dispensers are available for foaming and liquid formulas. From our stylish Designer Series to the large capacity DuraView, we have a dispenser solution for every industry and application.

No touch or manual dispenser


Kutol’s hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are designed with the end-user's needs in mind – offering the ultimate in innovation and durability. The top dispensing technology allows for easy view of soap or sanitizer being dispensed so wasteful product dispensing is minimized and leaks are eliminated.

Our Designer Series No Touch dispensers minimize the spread of germs for healthier facilities. The powerful, automatic dispensing makes quick work of cleaning hands and is ideal for facilities interested in going "touchless."

Manual Designer Series dispensers are efficient and durable making them a good option for any location including public restrooms and high-traffic areas. Made with plastic and no metal parts, they can be placed in wet or dry environments.

For details and guidance on the wall mount dispensing system that best fits your needs, contact your sales rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top dispensing technology Kutol utilizes for our no-touch and manual dispensers allows for easy viewing of the soap or sanitizer being dispensed. With our Designer Series and EZ Foam wall mount dispensers, users can see the product being dispensed into their hands. They are less likely to push or activate the dispenser more times than needed -- cutting down on product waste. Top dispensing also eliminates messy leaks due to simple gravity: the valve is placed at the top of the dispenser versus the bottom. When the valve placement is at the bottom of the dispenser, it is more likely to drip, causing messy, hazardous leaks on floors or countertops. This isn’t an issue with top dispensing valve placement. There are many benefits to top dispensing, this video goes into more detail!

Kutol’s no-touch dispensers have built-in motion sensing and anti-glare protection to prevent random dispensing. The powerful motor is quiet and accurate, making quick work of cleaning hands. The dispenser’s sensor lights up green when activated and red when the batteries are low. After 30 minutes of non-use, the dispenser goes into sleep mode which helps extend battery life. The four C batteries power more than 30,000 dispenses!

It’s a bad look when a facility runs out of soap in the restroom. Or there is no sanitizer in a hand sanitizing station. We make it easy for maintenance and cleaning staff to see how much product is left with the large product view window on the front cover of our Designer Series dispensers. When the dispenser requires a refill, it’s a simple process of opening the front panel, pulling the empty bag out, sliding a new bag in then closing the front panel. Add two more steps if the facility wants to secure the dispenser with the key (included with all dispensers).

Kutol’s dispensers are completely sealed and sanitary which means no spills or overflows that often occur with bulk pour systems. Because these messy spills don’t occur, cleaning our dispensers is much less labor intensive. Additionally, cross-contamination is eliminated because there is no product buildup or bacteria on the bottom of the dispenser.

Our no-touch and manual wall-mount dispensers accommodate hand soap and sanitizer in foam, liquid, and gel formulas. The pump design allows for the varying viscosity levels of these products. Both 1000 mL and 1200 mL refill bags fit in the dispensers.

Manual Designer Series dispensers are efficient and durable making them a good option for any location including public restrooms and high-traffic areas. Made with plastic and no metal parts, they can be placed in wet or dry environments. All dispensers come with a secured locking option.

Kutol’s customizable DECO wall mount dispensers are ideal for brand building. A logo, mascot, or message is printed in full color on the dispenser’s 3.5” x 3.5” front cover. The large print area provides plenty of room for vibrant detail and design. A UV laser printer is used so the image is scratch-resistant and will not wear off or fade. Check out the printing process here ! DECOs are a great option for brand awareness, building morale, or boosting school spirit all while encouraging good hand hygiene.

We also offer private label options: all products can be labeled with a company’s brand including colors, logos, and design aesthetics. If maintaining a consistent brand is important, Kutol has you covered! Check out our private branding expertise here

Germy product buildup that often occurs on bottom dispensing units is not an issue with top dispensing. Cross-contamination is eliminated, and the spread of germs is minimized with Kutol’s top dispensers.

With sustainability in mind, our flexible refill bags are designed to utilize 50% less plastic as compared to rigid containers. Every bag is fully evacuated of product meaning less waste is sent to landfills. We proudly manufacture all of our soaps and sanitizers in our LEED® Silver Certified facility – a designation from the U.S. Green Building Council that awards points for buildings that conserve energy and improve the environment. Several of our Health Guard skin care products are Green Seal®, USDA BioPreferred®, and ECOLOGO® certified to help protect environmental and human health.

“Great hand soap system. Manual and hands free dispensers are able to use both soap or sanitizer unlike other manufacturers. No need for different dispensers for different products.”

“I have worked with the Kutol Products Company for over 30 years and they manufacture excellent skin care products. But more importantly, their people are hard working, genuine, and go the extra mile whenever necessary. It has been a pleasure to deal with them over the past 3 decades.”

“Partnering with Kutol ensures we are delivering high quality hand care products to our customers and that their end users are healthy and safe.”