For airports, stadiums, Class A office buildings and other facilities that deal with large crowds, hand soap dispensers that are both high-capacity and easy to maintain are a must. TOPFILL™ Counter Mount Dispensers from Kutol are ideal for these high-traffic facilities.

TOPFILL™ hand soap dispensers are a great choice for a number of reasons, including efficiency and ease of refilling. They are also easy to install and retrofit in just about any type of restroom.

If you need a counter mount hand soap dispenser that is built to save time and money in maintenance while still providing a satisfying handwashing experience, find out why TOPFILL™ dispensers are the right choice for you!

Refilling Made Easy with TOPFILL™ Counter Mount Hand Soap Dispensers

You may have guessed this from the name: TOPFILL™ Counter Mount dispensers feature an easy refill system that allows for refilling the hand soap dispenser from above the counter, rather than below.

This eliminates the need to crawl underneath the counter or remove ADA panels to refill the hand soap, saving time and labor. With this patented system, simply remove the dispenser pump head, insert and turn the refill bag and let the hand soap refill flow into the sealed reservoir. But there’s much more benefit to this system than just how easy it is.

Because our patented refill “dock” allows you to refill the hand soap reservoir at any time, you don’t have to wait until it goes empty! With cartridge-based refills, you either have to inconvenience your visitors by waiting until the cartridge is completely empty, or accept that you’ll be wasting some hand soap with every refill. Neither option is very efficient.

With TOPFILL™ counter mount hand soap dispensers, the refill bag can be used to fill a single hand soap dispenser or quickly “top off” several of them – whatever the circumstances call for. This means you can schedule regular hand soap refills for your facility without worrying about how much or how little has been used, and you never waste anything by doing so.

TOPFILL™ Counter Mount Hand Soap Dispensers are Efficient and Save Money

On top of being easier to supply and replace, TOPFILL™ counter mount hand soap dispensers are impressively economical – saving both time and money over the long term.

A full reservoir will provide approximately 1,300 hand washes, so it can go a good long while before needing a hand soap refill. But the real benefit is that it does so with approximately half of the hand soap needed by other dispensers.

TOPFILL™ uses .75mL of foaming hand soap per wash while most bulk pour and liquid soap dispensers use about 1.5mL for the same results. So in addition to the ease of refilling, not as much hand soap is needed to keep the dispensers supplied.

These dispensers are completely sealed and self-contained, preventing contamination, leaks and spills. They are available in chrome and black to suit different aesthetics, and are ADA push compliant.

If you’re ready to see how TOPFILL™ counter mount hand soap dispensers can make your restrooms cleaner, more cost-efficient and easier to maintain, contact us or find a Kutol sales rep in your area today!

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