Health guard by Kutol


Formulated to kill the most common bacteria that can cause disease, all Health Guard® antibacterial hand soaps are lab tested and quality checked for effectiveness. With a large selection of foaming and liquid antibacterial hand soaps, Kutol has a range of solutions to keep doctor's offices, food service facilities, hospitals and long-term care facilities hygienic and healthy.

What Makes Antibacterial Hand Soap Different?

Antibacterial hand soap is a general term to describe any type of hand soap with active antimicrobial ingredients for killing bacteria. While regular hand soap does a fine job of killing germs on your hands, there are some situations where you need to make absolutely sure you’re taking care of potentially harmful bacteria.

This is especially important in locations where harmful bacteria may be common, such as hospitals, healthcare offices and long-term care facilities. Kutol’s selection of antibacterial hand soaps help mitigate the spread of bacteria – protecting workers, residents, visitors and patients alike.

What Are the Types of Antibacterial Hand Soap?

All of Kutol’s antibacterial hand soaps will have the same overall result – killing 99.99% of germs and leaving hands clean and healthy.

However, some of our antibacterial hand soaps are formulated for specific market segments and situations. For example, our E2 antibacterial hand soap is ideal for use in food service facilities. It is NSF-registered E-rated to clean away food-related germs that cause foodborne illnesses and is accepted for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. The E2 antibacterial formula cleans and sanitizes hands in a single step, making food prep environments safer, more sanitary and efficient.

We also offer antibacterial hand soap formulas that are free of Triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that is more strictly regulated by the FDA for potential harmful effects of overuse. While Triclosan is still permitted and very useful in certain cleaning agents and household products with regulated FDA approval, we also offer a line of antibacterial hand soaps that are Triclosan-free. Our Foaming Advanced Antibacterial Hand Soap is a good general purpose antibacterial option that is Triclosan-free.

Our Golden Antibacterial Lotion Soap and JOB/Antiseptic Lotion Soap are not only Triclosan-free, they also contain moisturizing agents to keep your hands clean and germ-free, as well as soft and nourished.

A Cleaner, Healthier Facility!

Whatever your needs, we aim to help you offer the best hand-washing experience to your workers, customers, patients or guests. If you have questions about which of our antibacterial hand soaps are a good match for your market – whether you’re in food service, healthcare, industrial or some other segment – contact us or locate your Kutol rep. We’re happy to help guide you in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Antibacterial hand soaps can aid greatly in ensuring the overall health of a facility and those who work, visit, reside in or patronize it. General purpose hand soaps are fine in many scenarios but when bacteria must be stopped in its tracks, antibacterial hand soap could be the answer. This is especially true in healthcare and food prep/processing. Or in other words, when the environment or job requires constant interaction with others.

Health Guard® antibacterial hand soaps are specially formulated with active antimicrobial ingredients that kill bacteria – 99.99% of most common germs are killed within 15 seconds of use. Several formulas contain moisturizers to ensure the soap is gentle on skin.

Health Guard antibacterial soaps utilize a variety of effective active ingredients dependent on the formula. One such ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride – a strong antibacterial agent. Our Antibacterial Hand Soap and Foaming E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap formulas both contain 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride. With this highly effective active ingredient, the E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap washes away and kills common food-related germs that can cause food-borne illnesses. It is an NSF E2 registered hand soap meaning it is certified safe and effective for use in restaurant and commercial kitchen settings. This sanitizing hand soap is accepted for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants including food processing and prep facilities. It complies with E2 chlorine equivalency tests.

Our Golden Antibacterial Lotion Soap and JOB/Antiseptic Lotion Soap are formulated with PCMX, also highly effective for use against the spread of common germs that cause disease.

Several formulas contain aloe, vitamin E and other moisturizers to ensure soap is gentle on skin. This is especially important in environments where repeated hand washing is required like hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, and food service/processing facilities. The Foaming Antibacterial Moisture Wash is enhanced with emollients to help soothe and protect skin as well as humectants to help retain the skin’s natural moisture.

All Health Guard antibacterial hand soaps are lab tested and quality checked for effectiveness. They are manufactured in an FDA registered facility following Current Good Manufacturing Practices. NSF registered antibacterial soaps are ideal for use in food services, restaurants and food processing plants. For healthcare facilities, hospitals and long term care facilities, our NSF E2 registered antibacterial hand soaps clean and sanitize in just one step. 

Our flexible refills bags utilize 50% less plastic as compared to rigid containers. Every bag is fully evacuated of product meaning less waste is sent to landfills. All Health Guard antibacterial soaps are manufactured in a LEED® Silver Certified facility – a designation from the U.S. Green Building Council that awards points for buildings that conserve energy and improve the environment.

We offer a variety of packaging options in several sizes, including bulk gallons. Our antibacterial hand soaps are available in refill bags for wall mount dispensers (1000 and 1200 mL), 2L refill cartridges,  pump bottles and pour top gallons. And because Kutol specializes in private branding, totes and drums of antibacterial soaps can be manufactured when minimum order requirements are met.