Health Guard hand care
Kutol Hand Care Specialists
Kutol Pro heavy duty hand care

Kutol is proud to offer two distinct brands of skin care to the away-from-home market: Health Guard® and Kutol® Pro. Each of our brands serve a specific purpose and address the varying hand care needs of our customers.

Health guard

Health Guard is quality, effective hand care for the commercial market. It includes general purpose hand soaps, luxury hand soaps, hand sanitizers, hair and body washes and specialty skin care products. All Health Guard products are made in the USA.

Kutol Pro

Our industrial, heavy duty brand of hand care is Kutol Pro. It includes hand cleaners, scrubs, wipes and creams that effectively tackle the greasiest, dirtiest, hardest working hands. Kutol Pro removes most soils and stains in just one application, eliminating the need for repeat application.

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Our brands have evolved over the years. We like to think it was so we were better prepared to effectively serve the skin care niche. So what do Play-Doh, wallpaper cleaner and Kutol all have in common? Find out here.