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If your business, facility, corporation or building is looking for commercial hand sanitizer and soap, the experts at Kutol can help. We’ve been producing commercial hand care products in the USA for 100+ years including hand soaps, hand sanitizers, industrial hand cleaners and dispensing systems. We have a solution for all your commercial skin care needs. Contact Kutol to learn more.

Kutol Stability


Founded in 1912, Kutol has produced high-quality skin care products in the USA for more than 100 years.

Kutol flexibility


Kutol customizes hand hygiene formulas and packages to fit your needs and help you achieve a competitive advantage.

innovation in hand care


Kutol’s hand care products are developed and designed with unique features that perform better, saving you time and money.


Kutol takes pride in providing commercial and industrial hand care products to our customers wherever they work or play. We are the trusted hand soap, sanitizer and dispenser partner for a wide-range of industries. Learn how our solutions can work at your location.

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