Many businesses and offices have turned to foaming hand soaps and dispensers in recent years for a number of reasons.

Foaming hand soap starts out as a liquid hand soap in the container and reservoir, but when the dispenser is pumped, air is injected into the liquid to create the foamy texture. This has a number of benefits, not the least of which is that each pump uses significantly less soap while still producing enough soap for effective handwashing.

Studies have also shown that people using foaming hand soap use less water when washing their hands, which means you’re saving money not only on hand dispenser soap refills, but also on your water bill.


Though foaming hand soap refills are certainly very cost effective, there are situations where liquid soaps are the better choice. Both foaming and liquid hand soaps have shown effectiveness for general handwashing however, liquid hand soap is thought to be slightly more effective at killing germs.

The reasons for this are varied, but one of the biggest is simply that liquid hand soap dispensers output more soap per dispense – sometimes double that of foam soap dispensers. Also, because liquid hand soap needs to be worked into a lather, it tends to lead people to be more thorough with their handwashing.

Although they're less cost effective long term, a commercial hand soap dispenser refill is the ideal solution for various industries. For locations where cleanliness and sanitation is at an extra-high premium, like food service and healthcare, liquid hand soap may be the better option.


When choosing hand soap refills for commercial hand soap dispensers, you have more options than simply choosing between liquid and foaming varieties.

Health Guard hand soaps come in a variety of color and fragrances, as well as dye and fragrance free formulas where desired. In addition we offer lotion hand soap refills with helpful additives to help soften the skin.

These options are all available to help you offer the best handwashing experience, so contact Kutol today to learn more about your options and determine which is the best hand soap option for you!