Kutol Offers Free E-Guide on Foam Soap Labor Savings

Kutol Offers Free eGuide: “Foam Soap Advantages in Labor, Safety & Water Conservation”

Industry experts agree there are product cost savings when soap dispensers are filled with foam soap instead of liquid soap. However, there are additional benefits of using foam soap including labor savings, safety advantages, and water conservation.

To address these additional aspects of commercial soap consumption, Kutol Products Company has evaluated numerous variables and presented them in this new eGuide: “Foam Soap Advantages in Labor, Safety and Water Conservation.”

Included in this free eGuide are comparisons of five different types of hand soap dispensers (and the soap dispensed) and how they differ in regards to:

1. Steps and ease of the refill process
2. “Topping off” capabilities
3. Spill possibilities
4. Contamination potential
5. Increased hand washing compliance
6. Water conservation

“Labor is the single most costly variable in facility maintenance,” points out Dan Renner, director of marketing for Kutol Products Company. “Installing foam soap dispensers with sealed refill cartridges provide the fastest, easiest, and safest refilling process that can drive significant labor savings, as well as other benefits. This eGuide highlights the savings afforded in labor, safety and water conservation when facilities use foam soap with the appropriate soap dispenser for their needs.”

The eGuide also provides an accounting of water savings that foam soap delivers due to a reduction in lather-up and rinse time. As an example, in one month an office building with 150 occupants can conserve approximately 580 gallons of water by using foam soap.

The “Foam Soap Advantages in Labor, Safety and Water Conservation” eGuide is available as a free download at www.Kutol.com under “Tools & Resources/eGuides & More.”