No-Rinse Products for Elderly Skincare

At Kutol, we believe that every stage of life deserves special attention, especially when it comes to skincare. Aging skin requires gentle care and nourishment, and that’s where our innovative no-rinse skin cream, no-rinse washcream, and no-rinse cleanser products come in.

Say goodbye to the hassle of rinsing and hello to effortless skincare. Kutol offers a range of no-rinse skin creams, washcreams, and cleansers that provide effective cleansing, moisturization, and protection for your delicate skin. Experience the convenience and benefits of Kutol’s no-rinse products today

How Nursing Homes Benefit By Using No-Rinse Washcream

One of the biggest challenges for nursing home staff is bathing the residents.  Many elderly residents have mobility problems or dementia, while all have skin that has lost natural oils and is prone to tearing and bruising.

But there is good news on the bathing front. Studies have shown that when nursing homes use a no-rinse formula instead of soap and water, there are impressive results in decreasing skin tears, saving staff labor time, and economizing supply costs.  

Additionally, it was found that when elderly people are towel-bathed just once a week using a no-rinse cleanser, they have healthier skin than those who shower with regular soap.

No-Rinse Cleansers Decrease Skin Tears

In one study, 29 bed-bound residents were tracked in a long-term facility to evaluate bathing and skin tears. Using a no-rinse formula instead of soap and water decreased the number of skin tears from 13 in the first month to just one in the fourth month. 

The decrease in skin tear incidents added up to supply cost savings.  In the first month, with 13 skin tear incidents, dressing supplies for treatment were $223.08.  By the fourth month, with just one incident, the cost decreased to just $19.26. 

No-Rinse Skin Cream Saves Staff Time 

Switching to a no-rinse bathing procedure from a soap-and-water one also saved staff time. The average time for soap-and-water bathing was shown to be 29 minutes, while the no-rinse bath averaged 16 minutes.  

There were additional labor savings associated with changing skin tear dressings. The average time to change dressings is four minutes. During the first month, this added up to about 5.2 hours a month. During the last month of the study (with a single incident), the time was .4 hours (24 minutes). 

No-Rinse Cleansers Are Effective on Bacterial Residue

Researchers also evaluated the effectiveness of both bathing options in reducing residual bacteria on the skin. The findings? Both soap and water and no-rinse cleansing resulted in a low level of residual bacteria on the skin. This study concluded that no-rinse cleansers are a safe alternative to soap and water when washing fragile skin.

Many professionals rely on Health Guard’s No Rinse Washcream. It is a gentle, ready-to-use skin cleaner that cleans with extreme care in the most delicate situations. Specifically designed to clean perineal areas and dissolve fecal soils, it is pH-balanced and leaves behind no irritating soap residue.

Embrace Effortless Skincare With Kutol

In nursing home environments, time is of the essence, and the safety and well-being of residents are paramount. By incorporating Kutol’s no-rinse washcream, no-rinse skin cream, and no-rinse cleanser, your facility can benefit too.

Save valuable time by eliminating the need for rinsing, allowing caregivers to focus on other essential tasks. Reduce the risk of skin tears and injury and experience improved cleaning efficiency without compromising the quality of care. Contact Kutol for more information and to order your no-rinse skincare products today!

Find out more about Health Guard’s No-Rinse Washcream – https://www.kutol.com/products-page/no-rinse-washcream/


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