Vice President, Wholesale Distributor, 20+ Year Kutol Partner

When we began exploring the idea to expand our own private branded offering to include skincare we vetted several manufacturers within the category. We seek to highlight green and sustainable options throughout our private brand. Following a visit to Kutol’s LEED Silver Certified campus which included a plant tour that demonstrated their fully integrated production capabilities along with warehousing and distribution capacity, our decision was made. From graphic design, third party green certification to successfully launching the program with our sales team, Kutol made the process seamless.”


About Sarah

Sarah Fry is the marketing Manager at Kutol Products –a leading manufacturer of hand soaps, sanitizers, and dispensing systems for commercial use. In this role, Sarah develops marketing strategies and executes results-driven business-to-business campaigns for Kutol’s full line of skin care products. Sarah’s communications career spans more than 20 years, having spent time in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Kutol, she worked in facility services marketing. Her love of solid, worthwhile content means she is constantly creating, which she enjoys very much. Especially in the blog space!