Distributor Sales Representative, 30 Years in the Business

I’m always able to bring my customers some exceptional value with the full line of Kutol products AND save them money over other national brands.  Also, I have been very pleased with how Kutol has come through for me and my customers during the pandemic by doing what they said they would do.  Their customer care and communication has been spot on making it very easy for me and my customers to continue to place our trust in them.”


About Sarah

Sarah Fry is the marketing Manager at Kutol Products –a leading manufacturer of hand soaps, sanitizers, and dispensing systems for commercial use. In this role, Sarah develops marketing strategies and executes results-driven business-to-business campaigns for Kutol’s full line of skin care products. Sarah’s communications career spans more than 20 years, having spent time in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Kutol, she worked in facility services marketing. Her love of solid, worthwhile content means she is constantly creating, which she enjoys very much. Especially in the blog space!