Kutol Pro heavy duty hand care

Heavy duty hand care

Kutol® Pro industrial hand cleaners, scrubs, wipes and creams effectively tackle the greasiest, dirtiest, hardest working hands. Heavy duty hand care is especially important in industrial settings where hands get stained from grease, paint, chemicals and adhesives. See our soil chart for information on the right product to tackle the right soil(s). Kutol Pro removes most of these soils and stains in just one application, eliminating the need for repeat application.

Trusted performance. Durable packaging. Superior value.

Choose from a wide variety of  scrubbers, colors and fragrances: solvent-based or solvent-free hand cleaners, with pumice or other natural scrubbers, or wipes and creams. We also have formulas that can be used without water. Kutol Pro products are available in wall mount, portable and bulk dispensing systems to meet the needs of any industrial setting including:

Guide to help determine where to place heavy duty hand cleaners, soaps and sanitizers in industrial and manufacturing facilities.
Guide to help determine where to place heavy duty hand cleaners, soaps and sanitizers in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Hand Cleaning TO Reduce Employee Downtime

With an estimated $1 billion in wages lost annually due to skin disease, it’s important to protect employees from the solvents, chemicals, irritants and allergens that cause occupational dermatitis. Our Industrial Hand Care Program brochure goes into more detail the effects this skin disease can have on employees.

Implementing Kutol Pro’s 3-step process for hard working hands can help reduce the risk of occupational dermatitis:

Kutol Pro hand care process

Kutol Pro Before Work Hand Cream repels soils from the skin, making handwashing easier.

Throughout the day, Kutol Pro Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners scrub away tough stains and soils.

Soothe and moisturize dry hands at the end of the work day with Kutol Pro After Work Hand Cream.

Occupational dermatitis is the most prevalent industrial skin disease caused by contact with damaging solvents, chemicals, irritants or allergens. Severe inflammation, redness, soreness and cracking of the skin can occur.

Kutol Pro products are manufactured in the USA in Kutol’s LEED Silver certified, FDA-registered facility following the most stringent government guidelines. Kutol is a proud partner of independent distributors.

Protect employees, visitors and facilities using Kutol Pro. Contact your Kutol rep to review your current hand hygiene program or to set up a new Kutol Pro program.

Kutol pro soil and stain chart