Soft & Silky Dispenser

The Soft & Silky Dispenser is made for use with liquid soaps. It’s ideal for public spaces where durability and function is needed. Featuring contamination-free sealed pouches with integrated dispensing tubes, refills are available in a broad range of Health Guard® products and sizes.

Boxless Bags
Health Guard “boxless” refills come in 800 mL, 1000 mL or 1200 mL sizes. We eliminated the outer carton “box” to be more environmentally conscious. The bag refills are just as easy to load into the dispenser as cartons.

  • 800 mL – The most common bag-in-box size and designed to fit most competitive dispensers.
  • 1000 mL – The 1000 mL fits in our 800 mL dispensers. With this larger size, you get more soap with less packaging!
  • 1200 mL – Lasts longer, requires fewer change outs and reduces labor. Utilizes the shorter, large diameter dispensing tube.


  • 800 mL and 1200 mL dispensers are available in black and off-white
  • Features contamination-free, sealed pouch and integrated dispensing tube
  • Broad range of Health Guard hand soaps, hand sanitizers and specialty product refills available