Heavy Duty Hand Wipes


NEW! Kutol Heavy Duty Hand Wipes are dual textured, pre-moistened cleaning towels that cut through the toughest soils including grease, oils, tar, inks, paints, lubricants and adhesives.  The textured side won’t scratch hands or surfaces and is ideal for scrubbing tough soils while the smooth side wipes hands and surfaces clean.

These multi-purpose hand wipes are industrial strength, yet gentle on the skin.  They can be used for cleaning hands, tools, machinery and other hard surfaces.  Fortified with a special emollient, they won’t crack or dry out hands.  No rinsing is necessary, no residue left behind.  The formula dries on its own and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.  Simply wipe clean and let dry.

  • Ready to use, pre-moistened heavy duty hand wipes
  • Dual textured – textured side scrubs tough soils while smooth side wipes away clean
  • Multi-purpose – can be used for cleaning hands, tools, equipment and other hard surfaces
  • Industrial strength cleaner lifts away grease, oils, tar, inks, paints, lubricants, adhesives and other tough industrial soils
  • Fortified with a special emollient, it is gentle and won’t crack or dry out skin
  • Won’t scratch hands or surfaces
  • No rinsing needed, no residue left behind
  • Simply wipe clean and let dry
  • Citrus scent leaves hands smelling clean and fresh


Available Dispensing Systems

  Code Type Dispensing System Size/Pack
Portable (Pump, Squeeze, Pour and Wipe) Small Packages
70 count / 6
Print Page
GHS SDS Product Sheet

Did you know?

Heavy Duty Hand Wipes can be used to clean hands, tools and equipment.

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