Portable (Pump, Pour, Squeeze or Wipe)


Many of Kutol’s hand soaps, hand sanitizers, heavy-duty hand cleaners and other specialty products are available in a wide selection of portable dispensing options and small packages, including large and small pump, squeeze and pour bottles. In addition, Kutol now offers a heavy-duty hand cleaner in a pre-moistened wipe!  Kutol also offers a variety of products in large bulk containers (pails, drums and totes) and a limited number of products in small tubes.

Hand Wipes

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Clean Shape® Pump Bottle

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Gallons (Pump, Pour or Flat)

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Small Packages

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Did you know?

The U.S. per capita consumption of soap is 25 pounds per year while the world per capita consumption is 6 pounds. That is one clean country!

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