Industrial hand care

Tough environments require tough soaps. In industrial and manufacturing environments, workers’ hands can take a real beating. The soils found in these settings are different than most people face on a daily basis. Kutol tackles harsh environments with our specially formulated line of Kutol® Pro hand cleaners, scrubs, wipes and creams.

Kutol Pro Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners outperform the competition in removing the toughest industrial soils including grease, oil, paint, ink, lubricants, automotive fluids and adhesives. Our wide selection of scrubbers, colors and fragrances means there is a Kutol Pro product for any industrial application.

We offer an effective 3-step process to prepare, clean and restore hard working hands against the most stubborn industrial soils.

  1. PREPAREUse Kutol Pro Before Work Hand Cream at the beginning of the day to help repel and make it easier to wash away industrial soils from the skin.
  2. CLEANUse Kutol Pro Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner or Hand Wipe to scrub away tough industrial soils throughout the workday.
  3. RESTOREUse Kutol Pro After Work Hand Cream at the end of the day to help soothe, moisturize and restore dry hands.

All Kutol Pro industrial products are designed to ensure effective hand care in any industrial, construction, mining, refining, farming or automotive setting.  Download our complete Kutol Pro Industrial Hand Care Program brochure by clicking here. Then contact us to set up a program for your facility!

Occupational dermatitis is the most prevalent industrial skin disease – causing inflammation of the skin when in contact with damaging substances such as solvents, chemicals, irritants or allergens.