Reducing Restroom Contamination with Top Dispensing Technology

Have you ever looked closely at the soap dispensers hanging on the wall of places you visit?

Most likely you get some soap, wash your hands, and continue with your day. However, if you look a little closer you may be surprised by what you see.

Many soap and sanitizer dispensers dispense product from the bottom of the unit. This means you either push a button or lever if it is a manual dispenser or wave your hand under if it’s automatic. Although this seems rather straightforward, there are some problems with this method of dispensing soap and sanitizer.

One of the major problems with these dispensers is contamination. Because the dispensing valve is on the bottom of the unit, it can be hard to see, and the user may touch or make contact with it. Touching the dispenser means germs from the hands are left behind to spread to others! Also, not being able to see the soap or sanitizer being dispensed causes users to get more product than needed. This leads to overuse and product waste.

Also, bottom dispensing units tend to leak due to the placement of the valve on the bottom of refill bags. Over time, leaking from the bag causes build up on the bottom of the dispenser which harbors germs and leads to cross-contamination. If there is no drip tray to catch leaking soap, it will go directly on the sink counter or floor of the restroom, creating a mess or even a dangerous slippery surface. Contaminated dispensers and slippery floors are not only unsafe but could change the user’s perception of the establishment entirely, leading patrons to consider that establishment unsafe and unsanitary.

The solution? Top dispensing soap and sanitizer dispensers. Top dispensing technology allows for eye level viewing, preventing wasted product as the user can see exactly how much hand soap or sanitizer is in their hands. This also prevents users from making contact with the dispensing valve because it’s easy to see exactly where their hands are in regard to the valve – reducing contamination and product buildup on the dispenser.  Clean, sanitary restroom facilities encourage handwashing, reduce the spread of germs and leave a better overall impression with visitors, customers and employees.

Top dispensing refill bags will not leak due to the placement of the valve at the top of the bag. Sink areas are free from drips and messy product puddling, saving on labor time and costs that would otherwise be spent on trying to keep the area clean. Also, top dispensing refill bags use vacuum technology instead of gravity to dispense the soap or sanitizer. The vacuum technology ensures all product is evacuated from the bag, so none is left behind as waste.

Keeping restrooms clean and safe is a top priority for facilities and one easy step to achieve this is using top dispensing technology. Kutol has a wide selection of top dispensing soap and hand sanitizer dispensers that are perfect for a multitude of settings including schools, offices, sports venues, and restaurants. These top fill dispensers encourage handwashing, prevent the spread of germs and keep users safe by providing a sanitary way to get soap and sanitizer.

Top VS Bottom Dispensing


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