What Makes Commercial Hand Sanitizers Environmentally Friendly?

In general, commercial hand sanitizers are considered “environmentally friendly” or “green” because of their active ingredients: ethanol or ethyl alcohol along with water. These ingredients are derived from natural sources like plants – including corn and sugar cane – which are considered renewable. Hand sanitizers are typically fragrance and dye free, adding to their environmentally friendly status.

But as we have discovered from the FDA’s “Do Not Use” list, all hand sanitizers are NOT created equal. Inexperienced, first-time hand sanitizer producers flooded the market during COVID-19 – some manufacturing sanitizers contained toxic ingredients like methanol (wood alcohol). The FDA has stated that these sanitizers are unsafe for use and should be avoided. Beyond that, there is nothing environmentally friendly about them.

Environmentally friendly hand sanitizer

What should I look for in a “green” hand sanitizer?

Consumers, purchasers and facility managers have a simple way to identify safer, more eco-friendly hand sanitizers by choosing Green Seal® certified products offered by Kutol. Trusted by countless schools, government agencies, businesses and institutions, Green Seal is recognized as a global authority in safer and more sustainable cleaning and facilities care. Seeing the Green Seal mark on a hand sanitizer means it has met the industry’s best practices for quality and safety as well as the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership.

Green Seal Certified hand sanitizers and hand soaps


What does Green Seal certification mean?

Green Seal’s standard means an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is verified as safer for human health and the environment than similar products, while providing uncompromising hand hygiene performance. Commercial hand sanitizers certified by Green Seal are verified to meet strict testing requirements and are screened for: carcinogens, reproductive toxins, skin irritants, phthalates, parabens and contaminants.

Green Seal Certified Hand Sanitizers from Health Guard®

At a time when there is concern about the safety of hand sanitizers, five Health Guard hand sanitizer formulas have received Green Seal certification:

  • 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel (1000 ml bag refill)
  • Foaming 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • Foaming 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Alcohol

In terms of performance, the Health Guard commercial hand sanitizers are effective and protective: killing 99.99% of most common germs in just 15 seconds. Additionally, these alcohol-based hand sanitizers are manufactured in the USA in Kutol’s FDA-regulated facility and meet the CDC’s alcohol-percentage guidelines.

Make healthier, greener choices with Green Seal® certified hand sanitizers and hand soap.


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