Cleanliness and sanitation are critically important in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, medical office buildings, long-term care facilities and dental offices depend on Kutol for their hand soaps and sanitizers. Our products are designed to reduce the risks present in healthcare, such as nosocomial infection and cross-contamination between patients.

Kutol has manufactured hand care products for the healthcare industry for more than 40 years. Our experienced technicians work closely with the FDA, as well as independent laboratories and consultants, to stay on top of the latest technologies in hand hygiene. 

Our mild yet effective Health Guard hand soaps and cleaners encourage frequent hand washing while keeping hands smooth. We offer a large selection of foaming and liquid antibacterial hand soaps in a variety of active ingredients and dispensing options. Formulated to help kill the most common bacteria that can cause disease, all of our antibacterial hand soaps are lab tested and quality checked for effectiveness. 

Health Guard instant hand sanitizers are available in both foam and gel and are formulated with 70% or 62% ethyl alcohol. Our sanitizers kill 99.99% of common germs within 15 seconds and meet the CDC’s recommendation for hand antisepsis. Fragrance and dye free and enhanced with moisturizers, our sanitizers don’t over-dry skin. Learn more about why Health Guard sanitizers are ideal for your healthcare setting here.

Efficacy data is available by request by calling 800-543-4641.

Antibacterial hand soaps are the preferred choice for healthcare professionals.