Designer Series No Touch Dispenser

Quiet, powerful and with a long battery life, the Designer Series No Touch Dispenser makes quick work of cleaning hands. Place your hand under the indicator light and it automatically dispenses product – your choice of soap or sanitizer. This “touch-less” dispenser is great for public restrooms, offices, schools and restaurants. Offers a large view window and customizable product window cards. Can be bundled with Health Guard® Hand Sanitizer and a Floor Stand to create a No Touch Hand Hygiene Station!

This soap and sanitizer dispenser has the same design choices and features of its manual counterpart, but has it’s own refills. Ideal for installations where only no touch dispensers are needed and sharing SKUs between manual and no touch dispensers isn’t necessary.



  • Choose from our most popular soaps and sanitizers in 1000 mL refills
  • Keyed locking option included
  • Powerful motor for quick dispensing and superior foaming
  • Sensor lights up green when activated, red when batteries are low
  • Motion sensor and anti-glare protection prevents random dispensing
  • Sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use extends battery life
  • Uses four C batteries – no tools necessary to change

Product video

Installation video