Foaming Luxury Hand Soap

Encourage regular handwashing with our most popular general purpose hand soap. This luxurious pink foaming soap from Health Guard® cleans hands thoroughly and helps eliminate germs. The rich, soft lather washes away light to medium soils without drying or leaving residue on the skin.

Added moisturizers including Aloe and Vitamin E nourish the skin, promoting frequent handwashing. The light tropical scent is pleasant and doesn’t overwhelm making it ideal for use in any environment including schools and universities, restaurants, office buildings, restrooms and healthcare facilities.

This hand soap, and all Kutol hand soap, is made in the USA and Green Seal® certified for health, safety and performance. The thick formula won’t run off hands and is for use in Kutol’s wall mount automatic dispensers, manual dispensers and counter mount. Gallon and portable bottles are also available. For more information on placing on order, contact your local Kutol representative.


  • Effective general purpose hand soap
  • Soft, rich foam cleans light to medium soils
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Green Seal® Certified
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product
  • Rose color with tropical fragrance

Health Guard Green Seal Certified productsThis product meets Green Seal’s globally recognized environmental leadership standard.

USDA Certified Biobased Product