Kutol is committed to SUSTAINABILITY and is a leading manufacturer in the “Green Movement”. Kutol believes in being a good steward of the environment so much so that when it came time to build our new plant, we designed it to be LEED® Certified. The LEED certification is a designation from the US Green Building Council that awards points for building features that conserve energy and improve the environment. Kutol not only achieved LEED certification, but it did even better by gaining a LEED® Silver designation, which is very difficult for a manufacturing facility to achieve.

Kutol’s new building has features that include Geothermal heating and cooling, motion sensor lights and low flow plumbing fixtures. Kutol selected and built its plant on an old industrial site, so no natural land was disturbed. During construction, Kutol sourced most materials locally to reduce the wasteful effects of transportation and recycled over 8 million pounds of concrete. Kutol’s entire facility is designated as non-smoking, they maintain an internal recycling program and they award teammates who drive low emission and high MPG vehicles with special LEED parking spaces near the front door.

Kutol is also proud that all of our hand soaps and hand sanitizers are Made in the USA in our LEED Silver certified facility. In addition, Kutol produces many Green Seal Certified®, USDA BioPreferred™ and Ecologo products that are earth-friendly.

Kutol Sustainability

LEED Manufacturing Facility