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Tough environments require tough soaps. The Hand Hygiene specialists at Kutol tackle harsh environments with a gentle touch. The soils found in most industrial settings are different than most people face on a daily basis, which is why we’ve specially formulated a complete line of hand cleaners for the industrial and automotive market.

Kutol offers the widest selection of heavy-duty hand cleaners that eliminate even the most stubborn soils. Our product line includes heavy-duty lotion soaps and waterless hand cleaners with and without scrubbers or pumice. All products are designed to clean the toughest dirt, grease, oil, tar and adhesives that you battle every day. Hand sanitizers, protective creams and moisturizing lotions round out our products that ensure effective hand care in an industrial or automotive setting.

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Kutol offers a wide selection of heavy-duty hand cleaners in large capacity sizes. From 2 Liter up to 8 Liter, these products are ideal for any industrial or automotive setting.

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