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How Green Hand Soaps Benefit Eco-Friendly Buildings 

When a building maintenance department chooses to stock green hand soap it typically does so to be eco-friendly, provide a natural hand soap product for users, and to support sustainability. Buildings can also earn US Green Building Council LEED points by stocking the right green hand soaps and green hand sanitizers. 

If those purchasing decisions include a foaming green hand soap or hand sanitizer, the building gains additional benefits as foaming products are more economical, feel gentler on the skin, and in the case of foaming hand soap, also conserve water when rinsing versus liquid hand soap.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Certified by third-party organizations, green hand soaps and green hand sanitizers are products made with safer, more environmentally friendly ingredients. To obtain certification, products undergo rigorous, independent testing to confirm they meet or exceed various environmentally preferred criteria. That’s why smart purchasers look for a third-party certification when buying a green hand soap or green hand sanitizer.


Green Seal® Certified

Many consider Green Seal® certification as the leading standard in environmentally preferred third-party certification.  Green Seal offers environmental certification of products with 27 standards and over 500 categories.  It is the green standard often specified by countless school districts, government agencies and businesses. 

The Green Seal certification for Industrial and Institutional Hand Soaps is Standard GS-41. To earn Green Seal 41 certification, hand soap and hand sanitizing products have to prove that they meet or exceed some of the most stringent eco-friendly criteria through independent testing. Because of this extensive certification process, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) recognizes Green Seal certified products as those eligible for earning Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) points. 


USDA BioPreferred®

Another significant eco-friendly designation is the USDA BioPreferred® certification. For a product to display the USDA BioPreferred logo, it must pass a certification process which includes testing of the product to determine its bio-based (made from plants) content. Only certified products are allowed to display the USDA Certified BioBased Product label.


Fragrance-Free Formulations

For individuals who are sensitive to dyes and fragrances, using a green hand soap formulated without added color or perfumes is critical. Dye-free and fragrance free hand soaps are also beneficial in facilities for residents who have skin sensitivities, such as long-term care centers. Products with Green Seal certification use only natural color and abide by several restrictions on fragrance. Many green hand soaps and green hand sanitizers choose to be completely free of color or perfumes.

There are many green hand soap and green hand sanitizer choices under the Health Guard® brand. All these products are manufactured in Kutol Product Company’s LEED® Silver certified plant located in Sharonville, Ohio. The plant is equipped with many environmental features to help reduce greenhouse gases, conserve water and energy, and minimize the company’s carbon footprint.  

Health Guard Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap is a natural choice for allergy-sensitive skin.  This unique natural hand soap is free of the chemicals and fragrances that irritate skin.  With no dyes, fragrances, sulfates, parabens or peanut and tree nut ingredients, it is Kutol’s greenest hand soap. It contains naturally-derived plant-based ingredients, including aloe, and is biodegradable, making it ideal for allergy sensitive settings like schools, day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes.

Health Guard products which have Green Seal 41A certification are:

  • Foaming Luxury Hand Soap
  • Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap
  • Foaming Luxury Dye & Fragrance Free Hand Soap
  • Foaming Spring Meadow Hand Soap
  • Foaming Vanilla Essence Hand Soap
  • Green & Clean Hand Soap

Health Guard products with USDA BioPreferred certification are:

  • Foaming 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • Foaming 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

Health Guard Foaming Luxury Hand Soap has earned both Green Seal 41A and BioPreferred certification.

What is the criteria for Green Seal 41 Certification?

Products which qualify for Green Seal certification must prove through third-party testing that they:

  • Must work as well, or better than a nationally-recognized conventional product in the following areas: 
  • Cleaning ability
  • Lathering/rinsing
  • Skin condition after use
  • Are not a skin sensitizer or skin irritant
  • Do not make antimicrobial claims

    Do not contain:

  • Phosphates
  • Nitrilotriacetic acid
  • Ethylene diaminetetra-acetic acid
  • Alkylphenol ethozylates 
  • Halogenated organic solvents
  • Butoxy-ethanol
  • Follow various restrictions on the use of fragrance
  • Use only natural colorants
  • Do not contain any carcinogen
  • Meet the VOC limit of 1% or less by weight 
  • Have aquatic biodegradability
  • Are non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Have eco-packaging:
  • Made with at least 25% post-consumer material
  • Be recyclable


What is the difference between Green Seal GS-41, GS-41A and GS-41B?
The Green Seal standard for Hand Cleaners for Industrial and Institutional Use is GS-41 and encompasses hand cleaners used in both industrial and institutional venues.  To further specify, GS-41A designation refers to use in institutions for “routine, non-specialized hand cleaning in office buildings, schools, retail and other public buildings.” It does not include households, food preparation operations or medical facilities.

GS-41B designation refers to those “products used in heavy-duty use to remove oil, grease, ink or other hard to remove soils in garages, print shops and other industrial settings.”


What is the bio-based ingredient in the Health Guard Green Hand Sanitizers?

All Health Guard green hand sanitizers with USDA BioPreferred certification are made with grain alcohol made from grain grown on American farms.  


How do green hand soaps and green hand sanitizers qualify for LEED points?

A possible point can be earned for LEED v2009 and LEED v4 if buildings use hand soaps and/or hand sanitizers that are Green Seal GS-41 certified for industrial and institutional hand cleaners. To qualify, buildings need to purchase by cost, on an annual basis, certified green products for 75% of all cleaning products.

62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

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Foaming 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

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Foaming 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

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Foaming Luxury Dye & Fragrance Free

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Foaming Luxury Hand Soap

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Foaming Spring Meadow Hand Soap

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Kutol Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap

Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap

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Foaming Vanilla Essence Hand Soap

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Green & Clean Hand Soap

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Did you know?

Kutol is one of the first and only LEED Silver certified manufacturing plants supplying the facility management industry.

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