How Do You Install a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

You have a couple of options when installing a commercial hand sanitizer or industrial soap dispenser. For most smooth wall surfaces, tape mounting is adequate. For porous, textured or wallpapered surfaces, screw mounting is recommended for wall-mounted soap dispensers.

Where should hand sanitizer dispensers be placed?

For ideal placement, a dispenser should be mounted level at least 3” above and at least 2” below any upper cabinet, fixture or obstruction. It is best to follow manufacturer placement instructions for dispenser-specific details. You will want to consider where the soap or sanitizer is being dispensed (top or bottom dispensing) when determining how high or low to hang the dispenser. With Kutol’s top dispensing technology, we recommend hanging our dispensers a little lower than dispensers where the product is dispensed from the bottom.

Surface preparation

You’ll want to begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface using a general purpose cleaner and paper towel. Make sure the surface is completely dry before proceeding with installing an industrial hand sanitizer dispenser.

Tape mounting

When installing a hand sanitizer dispenser with tape, start by removing the paper backing from the foam tape pads on the back of the dispenser. Carefully position the dispenser in the desired location and press firmly against the surface for 30 seconds. Then open the dispenser and from inside, apply pressure evenly over taped areas to ensure full contact to the surface. Close the dispenser and allow the tape to set for a minimum of eight hours before loading with hand sanitizer or hand soap refills.

Mounting with screws

When mounting a soap dispenser, we recommend using two screws on top and one on bottom (following the mounting holes) for best results. Hold the empty dispenser level against the wall in the desired location. HINT: remove a small portion of the paper liner on the upper foam tape to help hold the dispenser in position. Using a pencil or screw driver, mark the top mounting holes by poking through the foam tape into the wall. Set the dispenser aside and drill holes where marked. Insert and tap the anchors into the wall. Align mounting holes with anchors and attach dispensers with screws.

No touch dispensers

If you are installing a no touch (automatic) hand sanitizer or soap dispenser, there are a couple extra steps at the beginning and end of installation. You’ll start by opening the dispenser and removing the engine and battery pack in order to access the top mounting holes. To remove the engine, push up on the battery compartment with your right hand, while pushing the tab to the left with your left hand, until the engine pops out. At the end of installation once the dispenser is attached to the wall, re-insert the engine by snapping it into place behind the left push tab. Turn the battery pack over to activate it.

Once the dispenser has been attached to the wall, load it with gel or foam hand soap or sanitizer, close the front panel and you’re ready to go!

Kutol offers commercial hand care products, green soaps and effective hand sanitizers for every need and soap and sanitizer dispensers that stand up to the heaviest usage. Full dispenser mounting instructions with images are available on our site for the industrial hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers we offer.


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