Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Health Guard® Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is an effective and convenient way to sanitize hands when soap and water are not available. Alcohol free hand sanitizers offer instant germ-killing power and are accepted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an alternative to alcohol hand sanitizers. The alcohol free sanitizer is an option for facilities with health and safety concerns including:

  • Ingestion of alcohol-based hand sanitizers – which can pose a serious threat and even alcohol poisoning, particularly in young children.
  • Flammable products – including alcohol sanitizers can compromise a building’s safety if they fall into the wrong hands.

This thick, foaming sanitizer uses the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride to eliminate 99.99% of common germs within 15 seconds. It does not dry out skin and is dye free, with a light linen fragrance. Ideal where a non-alcohol sanitizer is needed including schools, public facilities, prisons, stadiums and arenas and nursing homes. For restaurants and food service locations, the no alcohol hand sanitizer is NSF E3-rated for sanitizing hands between handwashing in both food and non-food areas.

All Health Guard hand sanitizers are made in the USA in Kutol’s LEED Silver Certified, FDA-registered facility.


  • Economical, foaming non-alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Fast-acting 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride kills germs
  • Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • No added dye with a light linen scent – no medicinal odor
  • Non-flammable