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When looking for a commercial hand soap dispenser, there are many factors to consider.  Here are the main data points:

  • What is the application – where will it go?
  • Do you prefer foaming hand soap, liquid hand soap or a heavy duty hand soap?
  • Do you prefer a permanent commercial hand soap dispenser or a portable option?
  • What size dispenser do you need?
    • Standard Size
    • Larger Capacity
  • Do you want a manual operated dispenser or and automatic dispenser?

Kutol Products Company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of commercial hand soap dispensers for the away from home market.  Dispensers are sold within many market segments including general and public offices, education, healthcare, food service, industrial and automotive, military and government, travel and transportation and hospitality and leisure.

Whether you need a manual or automatic wall mount dispenser, a counter mount dispenser, a portable dispensing option or a bulk fill dispenser, Kutol has a commercial hand soap dispenser for any application.

Kutol specializes in wall mount and counter mount applications.  For liquid hand soaps, Kutol has many manual wall mount dispensing options, including their Soft & Silky Bag-In-Box and Duraview or Capacity Plus large capacity dispensers.  For foaming hand soaps, Kutol offers Designer Series and EZ Foam® wall mount dispenser in manual and automatic options and manual EZ Foam® Counter Mount dispensers. Designer Series and EZ Foam wall mount also have liquid hand soap refills. 

If you need a portable commercial hand soap dispenser, Kutol offers a full line of foam and liquid Clean Shape Pump Bottles, Pour Top Gallons for bulk fill applications and other pump bottle options.  Heavy duty hand soaps are available in Duraview, Flat Top Gallons, Pump Gallons and 22 oz. Squeeze Bottles.

Dispensers and Accessories

Code Item Color/Pack
14844 Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap 1000 mL / 4
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Did you know?

That most soaps are not really soaps. They are detergents. Soaps are made from animal fats while detergents are made from petroleum-based surfactants.

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