Foam Soap Dispensers


Foam hand soap has become popular over the past two decades for a number of reasons. In addition to the cost savings obtained when producing and using foam soap versus liquid soap, foam soap is easier and fun to use, more sustainable, and encourages more hand washing, leading to healthier lives.

As a result, foam soap dispensers have become the top choice for commercial users, including schools, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and other public and private facilities. These facilities can have hundreds or even thousands of soap users daily, so saving money on hand soap is very important.

Foam hand soap has many cost advantages over liquid hand soap:

  • Less soap per hand wash – foam soap dispensers only use 0.75 mL of soap per hand wash versus 1.0-1.5 mL for liquid soap dispensers, resulting in a 25-50% cost savings
    • You can get up to twice as many hand washes from the same size refill
  • Less wasted soap – because foam soap is pre-lathered when dispensed, it stays on your hands rather than going down the drain
    • This makes refills last longer and saves money on overall soap purchases
  • Lower production costs – foam soap has a higher percentage of water and lower amounts of expensive ingredients per gallon versus liquid soaps
  • Lower water costs – foam soap is thinner than liquid soap and is pre-lathered when dispensed
    • It takes less water to wash and rinse production equipment off between batches
    • It takes less water to rinse off when washing hands, saving about 66 gallons per 1000 hand washes

Foam hand soap has other advantages over liquid hand soap as well:

  • More sustainable – since less soap is wasted down the drain, less soap goes into streams and lakes
  • Fun and enjoyable – kids and adults love the look and feel of foam. It’s fun to use foam soap dispensers, which encourages more hand washing
  • Healthier people – more hand washing leads to less germs, healthier lives and less absences at work and school

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