Elevating Campus Hygiene: Kutol’s Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Education

Every year students eagerly prepare to move into the next stage of their educational journey. Enrollment rates are the number one priority for higher education institutions therefore, distinguishing one school from from another and remining top-of-mind for prospects is crucial. According to a study by the Amity School of Communication, it is important for higher education institutions to invest in branding because it can help universities and colleges attract students and lead to increased enrollment. In the soap, sanitizer and skincare world, Kutol Products provides a combined solution: a program that is centered around hand hygiene as well as helping facilities raise brand awareness.

Impact Student Enrollment with DECO Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Kutol’s DECO soap and hand sanitizer dispenser program is designed to do more than just safeguard against the spread of germs, it also helps raise brand awareness. The DECO dispenser is customized with a school’s logo, mascot or message printed on the dispenser’s front cover in full, vibrant colors. Branding dispensers with a company or school logo is an easy solution to create top-of-mind awareness for all visitors.

Safeguarding Campus Communities with DECO Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Good hand hygiene in schools and classrooms is crucial for preventing the spread of illnesses among students. While thorough handwashing with soap and water is the most effective method, using hand sanitizer dispensers in schools can also help combat the transmission of germ.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer for Daycares: Protecting Our Little Ones

For daycare centers, ensuring proper hand hygiene is paramount. Our Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap is an ideal choice, as it is free from parabens, sulfates, peanuts, tree nut ingredients, dyes, and fragrances, making it suitable for allergy-sensitive environments. For field trips or areas without access to water, our instant hand sanitizers eliminate up to 99.99% of common germs. Additionally, the Health Guard Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is a gentle, non-flammable alternative for sensitive skin.

Optimal Dispenser Placement and Effective Reminders

Strategic placement of hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers is paramount in ensuring high traffic areas have hygiene products readily available. Kutol can assist in determining the optimal placement of soap and sanitizer dispensers throughout your educational facility. Contact a Kutol rep to find out more. Our handwashing and sanitizing signs are perfect for use in schools, providing visual reminders and prompts for staff, guests, students and faculty to practice good hand hygiene.

By integrating these solutions, schools can not only enhance hygiene but also boost their branding efforts, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more engaged educational community. Upload your logo to Kutol’s Deco Visualizer today to see how it will look on a DECO dispenser.


About Havilah Asher

Havilah Asher is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Kutol Products –a leading manufacturer of hand soaps, sanitizers, and dispensing systems for commercial use. In this role, Havilah develops digital strategies to support marketing initiatives for Kutol’s full line of skin care products. Prior to joining Kutol, she helped managed communication initiatives in commercial real estate where she worked alongside big box retailers such as Macy's, Sephora, Carter's and Best Buy. She enjoys research, data driven solutions and team collaboration!